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Everything you need to know about Kanguro's Claims - It's actually an easy and pleasant experience

Remember we are here to help in those difficult time to keep mom and dad's pocket full while keeping your furry family member healthy!

Our goal is to process claims quickly. Con kanguro siempre estas seguro!

Kanguro cares about giving back! Kanguro donates part of your basic not used to pay claims to Hispanic organizations that help the community thrive, global warming foundations, or animal shelters. You choose.

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Claims: easy peasy!

We process claims quickly! Just ask our A.I Javier at any time day or night and get your reimbursement approved right on your phone. Remember Javier is always in your pocket so you can track your claim through every step of the way!

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How Kanguro Claims Work

File your claim at any time chatting with Javier from your phone. Easy. No frictions.

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How to submit a claim

Go to our Amazing App and start your claim

What to Expect during your First Claim experience

In order to process your first claim Kanguro will need to review the past 12 months of your pets' medical records prior to your coverage start date. So don't forget to provide your pets medical history if not provide your vets information and we'll get it for you! And don't worry, future claims aren't subject to medical history review unless deemed otherwise.

How reimbursement rates and deductibles work:

Imagine Paco gets excited to go outside and runs into the glass door and gets a fracture. Your vet asks you for $3,000 to treat it. Since this is a covered accident, we'll pay $2,520

If Paco gets sick or injured later that year, we'll pay the full 90%, and up to the annual limit (because we apply the deductible only once per year).

Mathematical example of how reimbursment and deductible works

How can I take a look at my claims?

Need to check on the status of a claim you submitted? You can log into our app and use our claims dashboard where you will find our claim tracker, history of submitted claims, draft claims or contact our claims specialists via email:


Download the app to see

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Requirements for submitting a claim

To file a claim, you'll need two types of documents: a completed itemized bill and detailed medical records.

Completed invoice

An itemized bill from your veterinarian stating what your pet was treated for and how much you were charged is classified as a completed invoice. In order for us to accept an invoice, it must have a zero balance or have been paid in full.

sample invoice

Pet Hospital

505 Main St

Town, USA


Spot, 2 years old


09/10/21Exam fee1.0$300
Blood testing1.0$80
kidney transplants

Total Invoice


Total Payment


Balance due


Pet Hospital

505 Main St

Town, USA


Spot, 2 years old


  • Suspect of renal kidney failure

Fever, this happened about 2 weeks ago as well

vaccination history




physical exam

Temperature (F): 100,5

Pulse (BPM): 200

Respiration (RPM): 36

Weight (kg): 6.1

Medical Records from a recent examination

Your pet's medical records show us your pet's medical history and let us see what we can cover thus will allow us to process your claim as soon as possible. If you're not sure if you have the required documentation, please ask your Veterinarian for 'SOAP notes'. Any exam notes and lab results should be included in documents you provide.

sample medical records

The Timing for Filling Your Claims

If your pet has an accident or gets sick, we are here to help you. Don't forget there is a 90-day time limit for claims submission from the date of the invoice

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