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Kanguro is modernizing your experience with insurance world. Our main focus is to bring value to your life with coverages designed for your every day.

Kanguro's founders launched in 2021 to make a difference after using and working with the insurance offerings that are available today.

They have been pet lovers their whole life's and have always known what that means when it comes to vet bills. Being insurance and finance specialists, they are looking to make a difference in the life of all Latin Americans in the USA with well-priced insurance coverages for their everyday needs in Pet and Renters Insurance.

Kanguro is one of the preferred insurtechs... just a few clicks and you're covered

Insurtech = using technology to disrupt the traditional insurance model providing efficiencies in product design, quote, claims, underwriting and policy administration.
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Value proposition

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    We are the only insurtech end-to-end offering that is 100% in bilingual and 100% digital but with real humans attending to our customers’ needs.

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    Frictionless experience and process: easy to understand, easy to buy, easy to claim, we are a one stop shop.

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    The social give back component: we donate part of the basic to Hispanic organizations that help thrive the community forward, global warming foundations, or animal shelters. You choose.

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    Kanguro community: stay connected to other Kanguro members and schedule play dates, ask each other anything about how-to and more.

Our Rating

Kanguro has earned 4.8 stars in Trustpilot and is top rated in the App Store and Play Store with a 4.7
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Miley's dad
I absolutely LOVE Kanguro Insurance! Miley is my baby and I love making sure that she's healthy at all times.
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Marco's dad
One of the best things I've ever decided to do was get Kanguro Insurance :) It's great all of you should try it!
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Lili's sister
Lili is just like my sister, that's why I want to make sure that she feels good! So Kanguro helps me with that.
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To seamlessly connect you with the best in class insurance coverage for your everyday need.


To modernize your insurance experience.

Why Kanguro?

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