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Pet & Renters Insurance

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Pet Insurance

The first health insurance and wellness plan for pets that is truly easy to use.

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Renters Insurance

It protects your personal property and helps cover personal liability costs.

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Kanguro has earned 4.8 stars in Trustpilot and is top rated in the App Store and Play Store with a 4.7
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Miley's dad
I absolutely LOVE Kanguro Insurance! Miley is my baby and I love making sure that she's healthy at all times.
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Marco's dad
One of the best things I've ever decided to do was get Kanguro Insurance :) It's great all of you should try it!
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Lili's sister
Lili is just like my sister, that's why I want to make sure that she feels good! So Kanguro helps me with that.

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Dental Cleanings for pets

Dental disease is one of the most common health problems for our pets. Daily tooth brushing is the best way to prevent dental disease. We recommend training your pet to allow you to brush their teeth daily since they are very young, before they accumulate dental calculus.

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Ice cream for my dog

A hot summer day and you are eating a delicious ice cream and you aren’t sure if you can share it with your dog, or your dog ate the ice cream from the table, or you are about to buy a special ice cream for dogs.

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Seizures are the most common neurological problems in pets. In this blog I am going to explain common causes, what to do when your pet has seizures and a little about treatments.

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